How I wasted my time this week: Surveys

Hours of work for bullshit pay.

Dani Erinn


Recently I have found myself to be constantly worried about money. Between paying for school, rent, groceries, gas, and other typical living expenses, I keep finding myself with less than I’d like.

I spent a few days googling “How to make more money from home” and “quick ways to make extra money”. If you have ever done this, you know that “surveys” is an answer on all money advice videos and blogs.

I finally decided to try it for myself, and I was extremely disappointed.

Survey Pop, Google Rewards, Eureka, Inbox Dollars.

Here are the four survey apps I primarily focused on. I know there are other apps, but these came up in my searches as having the best ratings and highest likelihood to pay out. There were even a few other apps I tried but couldn’t get the surveys to load so I gave up on those.

I downloaded the apps after hours of research, spend the time it took to create accounts, and find surveys that I could actually complete, and this is all I have to show for it.

The goal: Earn $5 a day by spending 1–2 hours on surveys.

The result: I earned $16.41 dollars in 4 days.

The amount of time I spent on surveys: 8 hours.

How much I made an hour: $2.05

The results weren’t great.

My earnings on Eureka after four days.

I went back and forth between the apps during the week but I had the best luck with Eureka. They have 30 minutes a day where surveys reward users an extra 25% increase in earnings. I have semi-decent luck with Survey Pop but there were a lot of surveys that seemed to be broken or would kick me out without any warning.

I know Google Rewards is supposed to be good over a long period of time, but I made a total of $.10 with this app in the last week.

I have also heard great things about Inbox Dollar but that was not my experience. I had the hardest time finding surveys I could actually take on this app and most surveys weren’t worth the time. Technically, I made the most on this app but that's because they gave me a…



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